Unfortunately, the issue of substance abuse comes up all too often in custody cases. Some parents have a serious problem in this area and in other cases, a parent will exaggerate or make up stories about the other parent’s drinking and drugging. The courts take substance abuse very seriously and if they hear credible evidence of a drug or alcohol problem, they will likely issue orders to protect the children and encourage the abusing parent to address their problem so that they can have a normalized relationship with their children.

The court can issue random drug and alcohol testing, order that parents be evaluated to determine what is needed to ensure safe and sober visits, order parents to get treatment and order that visits be supervised by an agency or a trusted friend or relative.

When a parent makes false allegations of substance abuse against the other parent, I can help you to disprove those claims. Sometimes it is necessary to be proactive when such false claims are made and to do things like voluntary testing, gathering witness statements attesting to your lack of substance abuse history or even having a brief evaluation with the specialist.

If you are concerned about a parent’s substance abuse or about being falsely accused of having a substance abuse problem yourself, contact our office for a free consultation through this website or by phone. We can discuss your concerns and talk about strategies that will address them.

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