These are difficult and unpredictable times.  Many people are wondering whether to delay filing their paternity case, divorce or other family law case because of the Pandemic.  Hopefully this note will give you some guidance in making your decision.

Pima County Superior Court is putting out directives on almost a daily basis regarding the court’s availability during the coronavirus crisis.  Pima County administrative order number 2020-12 requires that all scheduled hearings from 3/23/20 through 4/17/20 be continued.  Because of this order, all of the hearings that were set during that 4 week period are being continued into late April, early May and even June.  There may be further delays, depending on ongoing issues with the virus. Once the court resumes having hearings on family law matters, it is likely that many if not all of those hearings will be telephonic hearings for some time.

If you are sure that you are going to proceed with a divorce or other custody/family law case, the sooner you hire a lawyer and file paperwork, the sooner a hearing can be scheduled.  Many cases need a temporary hearing on issues such as payment of bills, temporary parenting time or child support. The sooner that you file, the sooner that you will have a hearing. Even now, it will be difficult to get a hearing prior to early summer. For insight into how our offices are responding to COVID-19 click here. 

If you have questions about whether to file now or later, feel free to contact the Law Offices of Robert Barrasso for free consultation where Robert can answer your questions and help you decide when is the best time to file. 

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